On This Day in Technology History – August 24th

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A guide to the historic events that happened on this day in technology history; Windows 95 is launched and Pirate Bay is ordered to stop.


1995 – Microsoft Launches Windows 95Windows 95 Welcome Screen

Featuring a new user-interface, based around a Start Menu button, Windows 95 is also the first operating system to not need the use of MS-DOS. The Company will spend $250 million on a marketing campaign that will lead to 300,000 copies being sold on the first day.




2009 – Pirate Bay is Ordered To Stop

In Sweden, a Stockholm district court judge orders the Internet service provider of bittorrent tracker The Pirate Bay, Black Internet, to stop serving the website’s traffic. The order is made after a civil action is brought to court by major entertainment companies that include Disney, Sony, NBC, Paramount,Time Warner, and Universal.



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