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On This Day in Tech & Computer History: July 7th

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  • 07/07/2017
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Acknowledging the major events in Computer and Technology History; On this day shares the most important computer events that occurred on this day in history. Today we feature the anniversary of the launch of the PSOne and the announcement of  Google OS.


2000 – Sony PSOnepsone

In Japan, Sony releases a portable version of the PlayStation game console named the PSone. The system has the same intern components of the original PlayStation but it  is one-third the size of the original 32-bit machine. It has an external power supply and slot for an optional clip-on screen. It goes on sale for  ¥15,000 or $142.




2009 – Google OSChrome OS

In the United States, Google announces that it is developing a new operating system that will be called “Google Chrome OS” for release in 2010. The system is primarily based on the Linux kernel. It uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface.





Looking to discover what events happened on your birthday or on a important day in your life? There is an entire catalogue of computer and technology history events for everyday of the year. Browse the entire range of On This Day.

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