On This Day – August 8th

The idea of the IBM PC is conceived, Office replaces Works and the “$1000 app” is removed from the Apple store. All on today’s On This Day from TestHuddle.


1980 – IBM Personal ComputerIBM PC

The Project Chess team at IBM showcase a prototype PC to the company’s board featuring featuring 32kB ROM, 16kB RAM (expandable to 256 kB). They are given 1 year to bring it to market. It will be launched one year and four days later on August 12th 1981. The IBM Personal Computer (officially model no. 5150) is credited with bringing the acronym PC into popular use.



1989 – Office replaces Works02-MS-Word-for-Office-1-0

Microsoft introduces Microsoft Office, a successor to Microsoft Works. Unlike Works, Office is a bundle of separate office productivity applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel rather than a single application. Microsoft Works would continue to be updated with new versions until Microsoft announced it was discontinuing Works and replacing it with Office 2010 Starter Edition in 2009.




 2008 – The $1000 App Disappears


Apple removes the “$1000 app” from the App store, a programme that cost $1000 and when opened simply displayed a ruby and some text. The app called “I am Rich” was bought by eight people before the application was removed by Apple the day after its launch.




If you would like to add anything to these events, or know of other significant technology events that happened on this day in history, feel free to comment below.


Images: The Windows Club/Wikipedia

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