October Webinars 2015

Here is your opportunity to look at the evolution of Test Automation for DevOps as well as learn 3 new tips for improving your security testing. Read the details and register below 🙂


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Malcolm - webinarClint - webinarwith Clint Sprauve & Malcolm Isaacs (Both HP Enterprise)

Functional testing is evolving at a rapid pace. The skill sets needed for mobile, cloud and Dev/Ops are constantly challenging the old methods of test automation.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The challenges in test automation for continuous testing and continuous delivery for traditional automation engineers
  • Avoid testing pitfalls and roadblocks in DevOps and Agile teams
  • How to improve test script maintenance in Agile development
  • The role of manual testing in DevOps


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K5_PacoHope - 1Paco Hope (Cigital, UK)

Some security experts would tell you that security testing is very different from functional or non-functional software testing. They are wrong. Having worked on both sides, Paco gives 3 specific recommendations for how testers can make significant contributions to the security of their software and applications by making small changes to the way they do their software testing. The first technique has to do with selecting points in the user journey that are ripe for security testing. The second is to leverage some common free tools that enable security tests. The final technique is adjusting old school boundary value testing and equivalence class partitioning to incorporate security tests. The result is a lot of security testing done and issues fixed long before any security specialists arrive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Great places in the user journey to inject security tests
  • Ways to augment existing test approaches to cover security concerns
  • Typical security tools that are free, cheap, and easy for software testers

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