Let’s Talk About…Women in Testing

Let’s Talk About…Women in Testing


Lets-Talk-About.....Women in Testing

The role of women in the software industry has become a topic of debate in recent years. Issues like #gamergate, the rise of discussions of women in technology, the introduction by some organisations and conferences of gender quotas suggests that this is a topic that is only going to grow.

How does the issues of women in tech compare to the issues of women in testing.

Are there any differences? Are the issues the same?

Topics that may be discussed on the day include:

  • What are the issues relating to women in software testing
  • How do we address these issues
  • How to encourage more women testers
  • Should there be quotas for Conferences for women speakers?


The nature of the Let’s Talk About series does encourage open discussion. Other topics may be discussed during this event and if you have any you would like to discuss, please feel free to add to the discussion here.

You can come in and join the conversation live here




These are the experts in the field who will be taking part. Expect more to be confirmed before the event.


Alison Wade Alison Wade

Alison is the Programme Chair of Mobile Dev + Test Conference. She plays a pivotal role in the development of the Better Software, Agile Development Practices, DevOps Conferences, and STAR Conferences in the USA, in addition to directing Software Quality Engineering’s highly respected training curriculum and programs.

She strives to increase awareness of diversity in the software industry with regard to both the workforce and the role of software beyond commercial products and IT departments. In 2015, Alison launched a Women Who Test day dedicated to women in software testing, in conjunction with the STARWEST conference.

Through her work as a board member of Humanitarian ToolBox, Alison brings her years of experience to leverage technology and help skilled volunteer communities solve the needs of response organizations and communities affected by natural disasters


Rajini PadmanabanRajini (small)

As Sr. Director of Engagement, Rajini Padmanaban leads the engagement management for some of QA InfoTech’s largest and most strategic accounts. She has over twelve years of professional experience, primarily in software quality assurance. Rajini advocates software quality through evangelistic activities including blogging on test trends, technologies and best practices. She is also an active speaker in conferences run by SQE and QAI STC. Her writings are featured in TechWell, Sticky Minds, Better Software Magazine and the most recent is a book she co-authored on crowdsourced testing, published by Taylor & Francis in Sept 2014.



What is the Let’s Talk About series all about?

Each month on the third Thursday of the month, we will feature some TEST Huddle members discussing different topics in testing. The session will be open to all and more of a UnConference feel to it. The topic will be discussed for 40 minutes with all attendees free to take part and offer their thoughts on a number of points related to the discussion.

Rather than a webinar presentation, the aim of the Let’s Talk About series is open and honest discussion on the parameters and pitfalls of this month’s topic. The experts will offer advice on a topic and share their own experiences. Find out more here