Let’s Talk About…Context Driven Testing


Our first event featured Kristoffer Nordstrom and Richard Bradshaw and more importantly you.


On a Thursday afternoon we discusses all the issues related to context-driven testing.

The session included some discussion of topics such as

  • What is Context-Driven Testing?
  • The history of Context-Driven Testing
  • What are the principals of Context-Driven Testing?
  • Who is Context-Driven Testing for?
  • Who is it Not for?
  • How do I Become A Context-Driven Tester?
  • How to do Effective Context-Driven Testing?
  • Topical issues in Context Driven Testing

Watch the hangout again.

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What is the Let’s Talk About series all about?

Each month on the third Thursday of the month, we will feature some TEST Huddle members discussing different topics in testing. The session will be open to all and more of a UnConference feel to it. The topic will be discussed for 40 minutes with all attendees free to take part and offer their thoughts on a number of points related to the discussion.

Rather than a webinar presention, the aim of the Let’s Talk About series is open and honest discussion on the parameters and pitfalls of this month’s topic. The experts will offer advice on a topic and share their own experiences. Find out more here