How to be A “Leader at Work”

In Finance Collection department, there was an  inconsistency between requirements,   end products and developments  due the issues that are occurred during sharing information to all the participants of a Project.

As a result of not having all parties at the same knowledge base and having misunderstandings between project resources, it became inevitable to avoid information loss in a Software Development Life Cycle process. With the aim of collecting all the data on a single party and distributing the data equally to the participants, the Business analysis role and the test engineer role are merged into single role as solution, which is supported by  changing the job desciptions of Business Analysts, Test Engineers and developers wtih the proper infrastructure Works.

In former role descriptions,  Business Analysts had the detailed information about the requirements  during the whole SDLC process while the test engineers just learned about the request during the testing process. In new analyst role, test engineers has gained a new point of view, as they started to work with business contacts with the new analyst title. Former Analysts are technically improved since they started to execute test cases. Handling analyst and test roles within a single role had lead to a trend of increase in customer satisfaction.

Moreover, merging test and analysis roles into one role did not just improved the knowledge levels of the resources on projects, it also help to gain expertise on service ownerships. To be more precise, in new analyst role, test engineers learned WHY the job is being done while they had experience on HOW the job is done. On the other hand former business analysts improved themselves about how the job is done. The responsibility of the quality of the product is shared by all the parties. The change of analyst role, which is done with the strategy of “Leader at work”, has led to an increase in quality of the end products, developments and an improvement in delivery time.

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