Huddle Talk Episode One: Ray Arell on Agile

Welcome to the first episode of the Huddle Talk podcast series. We have decided to launch this podcast series for our community and the wider software testing community as a resource for your testing knowledge.

The podcast will feature two distinct streams Huddle Talk will focus on interviews with personalities in the field of software testing. We will have feature interviews discussing our guests story of how they got involved in testing, their work in the field and their thoughts on the topical issues in testing today.

The Huddle Learn episodes will focus on direct talks and lectures from some of our webinars presenters. These talks will see presenters share their knowledge and offer a way to gain knowledge in the field.

The first episode is below with a new episode released each month. Subscribe on iTunes to stay updated.


Huddle Talk Episode 1: What is the nature of Agile?


Ray Arell

This episode features Ray Arell. Ray is the founder of nuCognitive,  and is the company’s principal consultant and coach. He has over  30 years experience in the software development, management and testing industry. Ray has been responsible for building and transforming a number of successful worldwide organisations. Over the past five years he has been coaching other leaders to do the same with their own teams.  He is recognised as an industry leader in large scale adoptions of Agile, lean, and complex systems, and he has delivered over 20 keynotes and talks sharing his knowledge across the globe.  Prior to nuCognitive, Ray was an engineering director/engineer at Intel Corporation where he helped deliver a number of cutting edge semiconductor products.

In this episode Ray talks about:

  • His career at Intel
  • How he Implemented Agile at Intel
  • How he Implements Agile Now
  • Dealing with Resistance to Agile in a Team
  • Why Scrum Must Die and more

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