Huddle Talk Episode 3: Isabel Evans -Rebirth of Automation

Huddle are delighted to welcome you to the third episode of the Huddle Talk software testing podcast series. We have decided to launch this podcast series for our community and the wider software testing community as a resource for your testing knowledge.

Huddle Talk will focus on interviews with personalities in the field of software testing. We will have feature interviews discussing our guests story of how they got involved in testing, their work in the field and their thoughts on the topical issues in testing today.

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Huddle Talk Episode 3: Isabel Evans


Our guest on this episode is Isabel Evans. Isabel is a independent software testing consultant. Isabel has worked in the software testing industry for the past thirty years. Her quality management work focuses on encouraging IT teams and customers to work together via flexible processes designed and tailored by the teams that use them. Isabel  has authored books on software testing including “Achieving Software Quality Through Teamwork” and chapters in Agile Testing: How to Succeed in an eXtreme Testing Environment; The Testing Practitioner; and Foundations of Software Testing.  Isabel was the winner of the EuroSTAR 2017 Testing Excellence Award. She will be speaking at UKSTAR 2018 with a talk titled: Leadership, Fellowship and Followership.

In the podcast we chat about:

  • Her career in testing
  • How Automation has had a long history and its re-birth
  • Emotions in Software and Software teams
  • How Academic research and industry can come together

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