HP UFT- A Complete Tool for Automation Testing

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Let’s get a quick outline of HP UFT:

HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) tool is an automated functional testing tool which is presently available in 12.01 editions. Its extensive set of features encourages the developers and the testers to create and provide flawless software which meets the expectations of the business prospects.

It is the HP’s major automated functional testing tool and integrates the features of miscellaneous legacy products like WinRunner, QuickTest Professional, and HP Service Test.

How do HP UFT Works?         

UFT automates the functional tests by storing the activities of the user on the system which is under testing and recommencing the actions on demand to implement a test.

The noted actions are recorded in UFT automation as a lucid program which is called a script. Scripts can be demonstrated in UFT either as a Visual Basic Script or as a series of steps categorized by icons.

The tool can test the failure or success of any stage with a checkpoint which compares the anticipated result stored in UFT during the time of recording with the actual output produced by the system under test at the time of execution.

HP UFT is an advanced version of HP QTP:

Basically, HP UFT testing tool is a new and advanced edition of the HP QTP (QuickTest Professional) tool. The primary version of QTP was 5.5 released in the year 2001. In 2012, HP renewed QTP with a new label UFT and the version released was 11.50.

The name “Unified” indicates that UTF is an integrated API and GUI testing tool which firmly tests the front-end and back-end applications.

The latest version also offers BPT (Business Process Testing) which provides efficient testing of complete business processes both automatically and manually. Its component re-usability feature accelerates the process of testing.

Language compliance:                 

VBScript is the language fully supported by the IDE of HP UFT. In addition to this, Javascript and Windows shell script are also supported by it. Also, object-oriented programming can be implemented by the use of VB Script.

The whole new features supported by UFT testing tool are:

  1. HP UFT= HP QTP + HP Service test:

HP UFT offers a combination of HP “QuickTest Professional” and “HP Service Test” which means it provides a complete package of QTP and Service test. This unified functional testing lets the testers to test the three layers of software applications: the interface, the service, and the database layer. It provides both GUI and API testing.


  1. A wide range of browser support:

Almost all the browsers used on daily basis are supported by UFT such as Internet Explorer v6-v11, Firefox v3.0-v3.1, Google Chrome v12-v35, and Apple Safari.


  1. Latest OS supported by UFT:

UFT runs on the latest Operating systems such as Windows XP/Vista/2003/7/8/8.1 and Windows server 2012 while QTP does not run on the Windows server 2012.


  1. A fresh look of the Welcome Page:

UFT is a bit different from QTP welcome page with regard to the color, design, text style and content of the page. UFT exhibits links to open and create a new file and also provides tools to assist and maintain that specific file.


  1. Faster installation process:

The installation process is apparently fast in UFT automation. It also offers an opportunity to install the add-in for Run Result Viewer and ALM with the package, and no individual language package is required with it.


  1. UFT is a all-in-one package offering all services at one place-IDE:

UFT is a blend of GUI and API and is displayed in one common platform. The user can opt for any option GUI or API from the Start Page according to his requirement.


  1. New extensions- Flex and Qt:

Flex and Qt help the users to test the GUI part of Flex and Qt applications. To run its applications no additional processing is required, it works like other applications supported by UFT.


  1. The all new Canvas:

The UFT Canvas displays all the actions which took place at the time of the testing process in a graphical form. According to the demand, the user can drag and drop the actions up and down.


  1. The recording feature:

The recording feature introduced in UFT provides easy image reorganization which makes recording simpler by offering a toolbar. It also assists in recognizing the remote applications.


  1. Enhanced debugging functionality:

The newly added features in the debug process are Call stack, loaded modules, threads, console pane, local variable pane, and debug pane. All these features improve the debugging process in UFT.


To sum up, unified functional testing tool is a great invention of HP which offers a user-friendly environment for any type of API or GUI testing. If you need to quality assure your applications and want something that smoothly incorporates with other legacy products of HP, you can opt for HP UFT.

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