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How Selenium’s Popularity is a Result of Demand for Quality Solutions?

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Selenium is a glaring instance of leading a technological trend by example. The freemium toll has gained immense popularity and has won the trust of millions of software testing engineers through its epic reliability and the ever-evolving features, API. The world has always encouraged and brought forth something reliable, performance-driven in the tech world. The story of selenium is quite similar. The platform has gained its popularity due to the substantial contribution it has got to make for every software development project.

It is true that the popularity achieved by selenium is a result of the demand for quality technical solutions across the IT landscape. You may like to watch a Video on Creating a Test Automation Framework Architecture with Selenium by Bulldog Mindset

Here’s what Selenium offers:


Selenium Test Automation

Via AutomationTestingHub

Multiple language support

The tech world is divided into several tech communities which worship multiple developments or programming languages. It is quite an interesting fact that the selenium package extends its support for languages ranging from Java, Paul, C sharp, python, groovy, Ruby Uptill the famous JavaScript of recent times. The ultimate automation-based testing platform leverages multiple programming language support in real sense and keeps the developers, testers comfortable with almost all major programming languages prevailing in the tech world.


giphy (2)


Multiple OS support

While programming languages divide the world, some contribution has also been made by the leading operating systems as well. Classic freemium automation-based testing tool entertains users and testers on multiple OS like Mac, UNIX, LINUX, windows.

Multiple browser options

You can make your application multi-browser compliant by testing it through selenium. The selenium family encourages and tests your application to be running flawlessly across Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.




Multi-device presence

If you are testing your application through selenium, it is most likely to be working flawlessly across all kinds of electronic devices ranging from a small Smartphone to the full-fledged desktop. The world knows that the technology is constantly guiding itself into a mobile-centric world. Thus it is imperative to make your applications ready for all devices and platforms to ensure a maximized possible user base.

Frequent updates

The success of any largely built distribution or a development framework depends upon the proactive nature of its contributing community. Selenium has made itself highly mature and amazingly resourceful across the span of time and development.



Extensive Selenium Suite

Selenium doesn’t come with a single shotgun of test automation framework, but it has numerous distribution like the selenium great, selenium web driver, Selenium IDE. These tools are all empowering developers and testers to perform the task of a testing software application with at most efficiency and with a performance-driven approach.

Test Script reusability & suite replicas

The world is primarily fascinated with the agile methodology and object-oriented programming. These domains of technology require reuse-ability of the total code and clear-cut microservices architecture. The selenium test automation services framework allows you to use the same test scripts with the needed changes and empowers you to replicate test suite with custom changes as required by a particular phase or platform.

In a Nutshell…

While the world has been discussing the high-quality test automation solution provided in the form of selenium, here is the business angle to the test automation benefits. The world is always aiming at making leaner, cost-effective business solutions – cost cutting is a major concern. Studies have projected and insured higher ROI in development projects which involve selenium. The Selenium server set up for high-quality and performance drove test suites is accessible round the clock helping you achieve lower time to market (TTM).

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