Featured Members: Rikard Edgren, Sanjay Zalavadia and Grant McKenna

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This week our featured members are:


Rikard Edgren

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Rikard is a test Consultant with LearningWell. He has been testing for almost 15 years. Rikard’s area of interest covers test strategy and exploratory testing. As well having presented a number of times at various testing events (including EuroSTAR) throughtout Europe. In assition to all that Rikard is the co-author of Software Quality Characteristics and author of The Little Black Book on Test Design.


Sanjay Zalavadia

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Sanjay is the Vice-President of Client Service for Zeph based in the United States. Sanjay has worked for a number of companies including Patni Computers (NYSE: PTI), Bay Networks, and more. He has recently written a blog post on TEST Huddle; “The Need for High Quality Test Scripts in Automation“. If you have something you would like to write about for TEST Huddle, it’s very easy to upload your own blog posts. Just try this link to upload your own resource.



Grant McKenna

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Grant is one of the most recent members of the TEST Huddle Community having joined just last week.  Grant is a software tester with PoletoWin International in the U.K.  His areas of interest include Functional Testing. His experience includes functionality and localisations testing. Grant may have joined as we recently launched the EuroSTAR Software Testing Report for 2014. The Report surveys software testers based in Europe and has some very interesting findings.


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