Featured Members: Regis Deau, Piotr Wicherski and Martin Patton

Last time we got to know: Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van DelftRuud Cox and  Simon Long.


This week our featured members are:


Régis Déau

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Régis works for Intel Security in Finland. His areas of expertise extend to test strategy, automation  and more. He is keen on the discussing the areas of process improvement, automation, Lean and Agile Practices applied to software development and organizations and more. Régis joined TEST Huddle last week while at the EuroSTAR conference. I’m sure he will find TEST Huddle to be equal online to what EuroSTAR repersents offline.


Piotr Wicherski

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Piotr is a software tester with Allegro Group sp. z o.o. in Poland. He is big into mobile testing and has posted a comment on the Forums last week with a request about H/W requirements for Jenkins and Robitium tests. Perhaps you might be able to help with the query?



Martin Patton

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Martin is a principal Engineering Quality Analyst with TIBCO Industries in Swindon in the U.K. Martin was attending the EuroSTAR Conference last week too and managed to get himself one of the TEST Huddle t-shirts that were on offer for the duration of the Conference last week as well as getting involved in the daily EuroSTAR Conference discussions that were occurring each day of the Conference. You can check those conversations out here.



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