Featured Members: Hannah Haken, Colm Harrington & Miguel Doblado

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Hannah Haken

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Hannah joined the community in August. Hannah is based in the U.K. where she works as a software tester. Her main interests are in functional testing and test process. Since joining, Hannah has got really involved in conversations in the community. Hannah has contributed to conversations on testing knowledge, the sins of testing, Common Errors as a new tester and more.



Colm Harrington

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Colm is a long-time member of the TEST Huddle community. Recently Colm has contributed to the community by writing an ebook for the community. Colm has recently published “Adapting Automation to the Available Workforce” on Test Huddle. If you are a automation tester, then you should check this ebook out.



Miguel Doblado

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Miguel is based in Spain. He works as a software tester with Augure Spain SL. He joined the Test Huddle community in September. Miguel’s area of interest is principally functional testing. So, if you, like Miguel is interested in functional testing, you might be interested in Colm’s ebook above.


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