Featured Members: Bob Galen, Chris Paulio, Simon Tomes and Paco Hope

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This week I am featuring a few more members of TEST Huddle for you to read about.

Bob Galen

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Apart from having a great avatar, Bob Galen is a Test Consultant based in the United States. He is an expert in the area of Agile (as you might tell from his website). Bob recently presented as part of the EuroSTAR online conference. His talk, along with Mary Thorn on The 3 Pillars Approach to Agile Testing Strategy has a discussion along with it in the TEST Huddle forums. You can find that very engaging conversation here.


Chris Paulino

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Much like our other featured members today, Chris is a tester with a strong interest in mobile testing. He currently resides in Germany working for Delivery Hero Holding GmbH as a software tester. Chris too got involved in our discussions this week, getting involved in the Stephen Janaway led discussion on The State of Mobile Testing. If you are intereted you can join that conversation here.


Simon Tomes 

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Simon is a relatively new member of TEST Huddle having joined this week. Simon works in the field of quality assurance for the company q-aid. He has extensive experience of testing going by his profile.  Simon is also very altruistic when it comes to testing too. He is an active member with the Croydon Tech City startup community. Hopefully Simon will find somthing in this community that might inspire him for his other community!





Paco Hope

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Paco was another one of the presenters of EuroSTAR online conference presenting on “:Top Mobile Security Testing Techniques”. Like Bob, Paco is a test consultant but is based in the United Kingdom. His area of interest in in security testing. Much like Bob’s presentation, his webinar spurred a lively debate in the TEST Huddle forums and is still continuing.



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