Featured Members: Areti Panou, Abir Khan and Drew Spencer

Last time we got to know: Ben KlaasenSteve Coldbeck and Soile Sainio.


This weeks Featured Members on TEST Huddle are:


Areti Panou

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Areti is a software testers with SAP in Germany. She has an interest in the area of exploratory testing. She joined TEST Huddle recently but hasn’t got chatting in the community yet. I bet she would be interested in Introduce Yourself thread. It’s as simple as introducing yourself to the Community.


Abir Khan

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Abir hasn’t completed his profile so remains a mystery to the TEST Huddle community. He did tell us he is working on a website project at the moment as he contributed to Jesper’s conversation on Something Old, Something New, Something… about what he is working on right now. You should check it out too.


Drew Spencer

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Drew is a software tester with FAnDuel and based in the U.K. He is interested in the areas of regression testing and “everything else”. Drew too hasnt commented on anything in the community but I’m sure he will come across something that will pipe his interest. Maybe even the thread on “Where did You get your testing knowledge?

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