Featured Members: Andrew O’Gorman, Neil Studd, Pini Reznik, Emma Keaveny and Albert Witteveen

Last time we got to know Kristel Viidik, Jim Holmes, and Richard Forjoe

Let’s get to know some more community members…


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Andrew is a Test Manager working for the well known Irish betting company Paddy Power.

When not testing, Andrew is a keen Liverpool and Kildare GAA fan. It seem he is working in the right place for a sports fan with the FA Cup and the 6 Nations trophy visiting Paddy Power offices in recent weeks.

Andrew would also have been the perfect man to have known last week. It was Race week here in Galway which means a week long festival of horse racing although for many that go, the horses take second place to the socialising.







Neil Studd

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Neil is software tester working for Towers Watson in the UK. Neil is a avid football fan and has interests in music and games. He also blogs on software testing issues on his website here. He is the proud recipient of a Pointless Tropgy. For those of you that are not aware of Pointless, it is a very popular quiz show broadcast on weekdays on the BBC. The aim of the show is to progress through each round with as few points as possible. The team that progresses to the final wins the Pointless trophy along with the chance to play for a cash prize.

So well done Neal. By the way here is what a pointless trophy looks like.

pointless trophy











Pini Reznik

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Pini is a Amsterdam based Configuration Management and DevOps consultant  working with Ugly Duckling. He occosiopnally writes blog posts for CM Crossroads. You can read his latest one here on “DevOps”. Pini has also been active on TESTHuddle having worte a blog post titled “Using Docker Containers to Achieve Continuous Delivery for Large, Ugly and Badly Architectured Systems” and has taken part in the popular discussion “Hiring Testers with or without Certifications“.


Emma Keaveny

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Emma is new to the world of software testing having changed careers  (and country) recently to become a software tester. Emma is working as a tester with Interica in England. Emma is into her films and on our recent topic discussion on “What is Your Favourite Movie“, Emma came up with loads of her favourites including Terminator (1 & 2) and Jurassic Park which she says she has to catch everytime its on TV (I’m the same). Emma might be disappointed to hear  that Steven Spielberg got it wrong! Staying still didn’t mean you were safe from the T.Rex. There you go. Some useless information there.


Albert Witteveen

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Albert Witteveen is a Test Manager based in the Netherlands. He is currently owner and test manager of Pluton IT. Albert recently contributed to the TESTHuddle site with a ebook titled  “Performance testing, a practical guide and approach”. Check it out here.

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