Featured Members: Alexei Vinogradov, Krispan Chathurange and Gordon Flower

Last time we got to know: Maximiliano ManniseHåkan Lycksell and David O’Dowd.


This week I am featuring a few more members of TEST Huddle for you to read about.


Alexei Vinogradov

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Alexei Vinogradov is a software testing consultant hailing from Germany. He recently attended the Core of Testing Webinar presented by Anee Mette Haas which you can view here. It proved to be a very stimulating topic which brought about a very popular discussion.


Krispan Chathuranga

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Krispan is also a recent joiner of TEST Huddle. Krispan hails from Sri Lanka (where the average yearly temperature is 27C) and works as a Test Engineer with DMS. His areas of interest lie in Automation and the test process. There has been loads of discussions lately about automation on TEST Huddle. Krispan may be interested in the automation discussion taking place on TEST Huddle at the moment.


Gordon Flower

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Gordon is a test consultant with SQS based in the UK (where the average yearly temperature is a bit lower). Gordon recently hosted a webinar at TEST Huddle. Titled “Leveraging the cloud for on-demand test services“, the webinar was on using cloud computing for testing. There was a discussion on the subject after the webinar. If you want, you can catch up on that here.

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