Featured Community Members: Juan Rodriguez, Johan Jonasson & Ard Kramer

Last week we got to know Dan Ashby, Bram Bronneberg & Smita Mishra. This week we will get to know three more TESTHuddle members…

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez  Johan Jonasson Ard Kramer


Juan is a test analyst with Italcambio, Venezuela. He is new to the software testing world and would love to learn more about the profession as well as develop new skills. If you are in a similar position to Juan, a great place to start would be to check out Bram Bronneberg’s discussion Knowledge shout out! – Who are you, what can you share, what you want to learn.

Johan Jonasson

Juan Rodriguez  Johan Jonasson Ard Kramer


Johan is a software testing consultant, trainer and coach at House of Test, Sweden. He loves to network with testers from all over the world through the International Society for Software Testing, the context-driven testing community and various national and international conferences. Johan also enjoys writing about software testing on his blog – Let’s Talk Testing

Ard Kramer

Juan Rodriguez  Johan Jonasson Ard Kramer


Ard is a software tester with EclipseIT, the Netherlands. He is a regular speaker at EuroSTAR and last year he presented a tutorial with Joep Lobée entitled: ‘This Is Not A Success Story’. We hope to see Ard at this year’s EuroSTAR Conference in Dublin. It wouldn’t be the same without him.


Stay tuned next week to meet some more TESTHuddle community members!


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