EuroSTAR 2022 – Andy Glover Test with Purpose, Test to Win! Q&A

Andy Glover spoke at EuroSTAR 2022 with a track talk titled: “Test with Purpose, Test to Win! He explored how its important for testers to think about their role, about the purpose of testing and what kind of legacy they’re creating. This post is a collection of some of the questions that Andy Glover was asked at his talk that he did not get to answer at the event.

How comes testing can not be a quality assurance approach?

Testing is an element of Quality Assurance but it can never replace it. In the teams I work in, I often remind people that everyone is responsible for quality, from how sales teams communicate features to new clients or how requirements are gathered to how a support team responds to issues in production. As part of that, testers should focus on highlighting areas in the software that may affect quality, but as testers can never assure it. So personally, I try to avoid the term “QA” when I talk about testing, but it’s really important to me to regularly share the value in testing, especially when speaking to budget holders like the CEO!


Can you provide a list of useful books?

I recommend these three books which are linked to my presentation

Legacy – James Kerr

Turn the ship around – L. David Marquet

Nine lies about work – Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall

Black Box Thinking – Matthew Syed

That’s all from Andy. Thanks for reading the post.

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