EuroSTAR 2015 – Looking forward to attending the conference in Maastricht!

The EuroSTAR conference is getting closer and closer. Attending the last year conference held in Dublin was a great experience for me and it was the first time I have participated in the main event that takes place every year. I have discovered a lot of interesting topics, interacted with speakers and attendees, attended the lab area and tried out the tools presented in the expo area.


Attending the conference

This year I will also be at the conference that will take place in Maastricht. I am very glad to be part of the Community Huddle team and to share information from the conference on TEST Huddle forum. On this blog post I am doing a short preview of the conference and my thoughts about attending the event.


Topics and sessions

I am looking forward to seeing good presentations regarding topics like automation, methods and strategy. I am very interested in getting new information about DevOps and I will attend the presentation that will be made by Sujay Honnamane (T4) and the keynote by Jeffery Payne (K3). Security is also an important subject and I plan to attend Paco Hope’s keynote (K5). I would like to attend Pini Reznik’s session (W20) about Docker because software containers are the new trend in the software industry. I liked very much Julie Gardiner’s presentation about diversity in the team from the last year conference and I will attend her session (W11). I would like to meet again the speakers I met in Dublin, Kristoffer Nordström and Rikard Edgren and attend their sessions (K2 and K4).


Networking and sharing ideas

The conference means also interacting with people and share ideas. I am very glad to see again the people I met last year and meet new people and talk to them about various topics during the breaks and dedicated social evening events. I can’t wait to be involved in the activities organized by Community Huddle. I am also curious to see and try out the newest tools and products shown in the expo area.


Community Huddle

There will be many activities with dedicated areas like Soapbox sessions, Couch sessions Test coffee or Open space for discussions. I will be glad to join these sessions, interact with people and share ideas. Each activity is very interesting and helps the participants to communicate and be involved in conversations about various topics. It is a good opportunity from my side also to get in touch with more attendees and discuss as I have on the TEST Huddle forum. As part of the community team I will be on  TEST Huddle updating users on what’s happening at the conference, any interesting news and some thoughts about the sessions I attended with pictures and videos attached.


Looking forward to attending the event

I am glad to attend the conference! It will be a great event and I will share on TEST Huddle website my experience at EuroSTAR.

About The Author

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Alin Groza is a software tester based in Romania working for the Haufe Group. Alin is a moderator on the TEST Huddle forums. In addition Alin is a member of the Community Huddle team this year at EuroSTAR. The Community Huddle will be bringing you games, discussions, soap box sessions and more. Find out what’s going on here.

About the Author


I am a software test engineer involved in QA activities (frontend and backend) for financial software, including desktop products, web applications and mobile banking apps. I am a big fan of the idea “meeting people and sharing ideas”. I consider a community a good way to let people share their knowledge and it helps improve the continuous learning.
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