Essential Tips for Beginner Programmers About Software Testing

Computer Programming is vividly being popularized with the change in time. In recent years, we have heard a lot about software testing basics as it fetches personnel with suitable high paying jobs. In this age of continuous digital transformation, both software development and testing have been evolving. As the trends indicate, it is very crucial for the software developers and software testers to keep an open eye to accomplish in this competitive market.

However, software testing accounts to roughly 30% of the project effort, we cannot ignore that quality assurance of the product has been the key driver of its sales. The quality of the software is something that drives users. People often restrain themselves from taking up software testing as a career choice due to some insignificant reasons. But as this article escalates, you will notice that the scope of software testing is good.


What is Software Development?

Software development is the process of designing and creating software. Software development includes all the steps like specifying the requirements, programming the code, documentation of the program, testing and lastly, fixing bugs.

With the help of manual testing and various software testing tools, programmers can monitor their work more effectively. In this article, we will be learning all about software testing.


What does a software tester need to know?

As a software tester, you must know that your ultimate objective is to reduce risk. Software testing process emphasizes activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software so that it could be corrected before the final product is released to the end users.

If you are a beginner, suitable videos like Software Testing tutorials, QA tutorial for beginners must help you to understand Software Testing methodologies better.

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The crucial point to remember about software testing – Everything needs to be tested.

Everything needs to be tested and analysed to check whether it complies with the desired output. This helps in avoiding last-minute complications.

While we are pondering over the importance of software testing, one should also learn the techniques of software testing and the technical skills required for software testing. This could be better understood through video tutorials of how to do software testing with examples.

For now, it is essential to understand the different types of testing to become a successful software tester:


Black Box testing

While there are many software testing types, the most common and unbiased form of Software testing is Black Box testing. This testing method focuses only on the input inserted and output derived without concerning about the intimate details and implementation of the code.


White Box testing

As the name suggests, White Box testing is reciprocal of Black Box testing. In this type of testing, the source code is visible to the software tester. The tester tests the internal functionality, integration, structure, and design of the software, along with its working.


Automated testing

Automated testing is a testing technique where execution fo the test and verification of the output produced are automated. Automated testing is performed with the help of a Test Automation tool.


Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing relates to determining whether the software has met with the requirements desired while contemplating the software, i.e., to comprehend if the system has duly complied with the expectations and requirements for delivery to end users.


Functional testing

Like black box testing, functional testing ignores the internal parts and focuses only on what is being tested and its functionality. It analyses the output to check if it is as per the requirement or not.


Non-functional testing

The non-functional testing method pays attention to non-functional factors like usability, performance, speed, credibility, etc.


Regression testing

Regression testing is the testing done to check whether or not the changes made in the existing program or code affect its working. This can be defined as re-performing all the functional and non-functional tests on the software.


Other forms of testing

We have covered the major types of software testing above. On the contrary, the list is quite long. Other favourite examples of software testing for beginners include Exploratory Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Recovery Testing, Back end testing, etc.



Every programming software needs a check before being delivered, and this process is made easy by software testing. We cannot expect to provide our customers with something with flaws and errors. It is vital to test the product that you just formulated and cannot wait to run successfully. With time, you can help yourself improve the quality with the right software testing basics, tools, and knowledge.


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