[Download] How to Keep Your Test Automation Suite Fit

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Test automation can be a wonderful thing, but adding tests thoughtlessly, having unrealistic expectations of test automation, using a single tool or framework for everything and automating everything from a single perspective can quickly lead to sluggish, bloated automation. A lot of these problems can be fixed and even prevented by asking yourself the right questions before you add another check to your existing test automation suite. Questions that can help you prevent from automating the wrong things, from taking the wrong approach to automate the right things, and from creating and running tests that do not add enough value to warrant the effort. In this eBook, you will learn what these questions are, and see how they can be applied to a real world application by means of a case study.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will learn about some of the most common reasons for test automation to get bloated.
  • You will learn to ask questions that can prevent you from automating the wrong things, or from automating the right things in the wrong way.
  • You will be shown a case study where the principles described in this eBook will be applied.
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About Bas Dijkstra

Bas is an independent professional who takes pride in helping teams and organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of tools.

Bas is also a trainer on various subjects related to testing and automation. Bas lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two sons and when he is not working he likes to run or to read a good book (particularly British detective novels). Twitter: @_basdijkstra

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