Featured Community Members: Derk-Jan de Grood, Funmi Olanrewaju & Helle Havgaard

Last week we got to knowChaya VenkateswarluStuart Reid & Adina Moldovan. Lets get to know three more community members…

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Derk-Jan is a senior test manager and product manager with Valori, the Netherlands. He specialises in business IT alignment, agile, process improvement, test automation, coaching & mobile testing. He recently hosted a webinar entitled Mobile Testing – the relation between tests, business goals and design considerations.

Derk-Jan is also the author of several successful books on software testing and writes a regular feature for TEST Huddled called G(r)ood Testing. Here’s an insight of what you can expect from G(r)ood testing – V1

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Funmi Olanrewaju

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Funmi is a test engineer with Ticketmaster Systems, UK. (BTW we graciously accept concert tickets from Ticketmaster 😉 ) She is one of our newest members and has already started a discussion which asks the question: Some people say that just anybody can test software – what is your opinion?

I look forward to reading your responses 🙂

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Let’s now meet our third and final community member this week …

Helle Havgaard

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Helle is a test manager with Nykredit, Denmark. She has worked in IT for many years, the last 12 of which were specifically on software testing. Helle is certified ISTQB test manager and she loves to discuss the issues of testing.

Should all testers be ISTQB certified? Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned next week as we meet three new TEST Huddle members.


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