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On This Day in Tech History: June 15th

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  • 15/06/2017
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Examining Milestone Events in Computer History, on this day events in computer history examines the important computer events that occurred on this day in history. iTunes lanched in Europe and the world’s smallest and largest harddrives announced.

1999 –  World’s Smallest and Largest HardDriveIBM Deckstar

IBM announce the release of the world’s smallest harddrive; the MicroDrive, and world’s largest hard drive, the Deskstar 37GXP. The MicroDrive has a 340MB capacity and is only the size of a matchbox and is made for handheld devices and digital cameras. The Deskstar has a 37GB capacity, which is a significant improvement over its nearest competitor (also an IBM product) which has a 25GB capacity. It retails at $350.



2004 – iTunes Launched in Europe

Apple Computer launches the iTunes Music Store in three European countries: France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Tracks will go on sale at a price of 79p or 99c. After just a week 800,000 songs will have been bought by European customers with 450,000 songs sold in in the UK alone.


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