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On This Day in Tech & Computer History: July 20th

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  • 20/07/2017
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Acknowledging the major events in Computer and Technology History that happened on this day. Today we feature Microsoft release source code and Telsa announce new car.


2001 – Microsoft Share source codeWindows-CE

In the United States, Microsoft makes the announcement that they have released the source code for the Windows CE 3.0 operating system. They are making the code available to developers under a Shared Source License which will allow developers to view and modify the source code, but not to release it commercially.




2006 – Telsa release CarTelsa-Roadster_2.5_windmills_trimmed

One of the first electric car start-ups; Tesla Motors, unveils its first model, the 185 kW (248 hp) Tesla Roadster in California. The fully electric sports car is capable of  0 to 60 mph in roughly four seconds and of reaching speeds of over 130mph (210 km/h).



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