Credit Card Integration Testing – 3 Things to Consider for Testing Payment Integrations

To understand the process of transaction and payment integration, one must have thorough knowledge about payment gateways.

In the following article, we are going to discuss some facts and figures, some in-depth knowledge of payment gateways and payments integration, and some of the dos and don’ts of payment gateway integration.

After this article, you will be able to understand the following:

  • What is Payment gateway testing?
  • 3-things to consider for the testing payment integrations
  • Types of Testing for perfect payment Gateway
  • Checklist for testing payment gateways

What is Payment Gateway Testing?

Payment gateway testing is the testing of payment gateways for online purchases and transactions made by users. The purpose behind this testing is to ensure the reliability, security, and performance of the gateway.

It is done by encrypting and securing payment details between the buyer and the seller and providing a smooth payment.

A payment gateway is a system of payment that uses credit cards for online purchases. It safeguards the sensitive details of the customer like credit card numbers, account details, and many more.

This information is shared between the buyer and the seller very safely. Modern payment gateways also do the payments from debit cards, cash cards, and reward points, etc.

Payment gateway knowledge is very important nowadays as most of the business has been shifted to the online platform.

3-things to consider for testing payment integrations

For testing the integration, you must know something about it. Do you need to have a glimpse of how it works? What does it require?

  • Using Mobile Application: As the working of the payment gateway is clear, you must now move on towards testing the integration of the payment gateways with a mobile application. This step is done to make sure that the application works the same as the e-commerce site does.
  • QA Study: To make sure a seamless transaction, QA analysis is required. QA stands for Quality A QA is the study of all API (Application Programming Interface) documentation across the gateway. It enlists the response codes and the way to perform testing across them with the test cards. Since the documentation is important, the QA analysis is compulsory.
  • Test Cards and Gateway Validation: Once a payment system has been integrated into the website, there may be errors in accepting invalid cards. For example, the system can accept the card without money or a fake card detail.

A random card detail generated by Prepostseo is helpful here. You can enter these fake details in the payment system to check the validation of the integrated system.

These cards are generated randomly and can be tested on a payment integration system.


Types of Testing for Perfect payment gateway

  • Functional Testing: The type of testing that includes the base functionality of the gateway. This is done to see if it does the same functionality as told or not. The functions include handling the orders, calculations, adding VATs properly as per country.
  • Integration: Test the integration with the help of your credit card services.
  • Performance: Check for various performance matrices like the highest possible traffic going through gateways during the specific days and converting them to new users.
  • Security: Security is the most important part of any payment integration. You must check for a deep security pass for the payment gateways.

Checklist for testing payment gateways

A checklist must be made or used before you do any online transactions. You can check for the following checklist:

    • Collect the proper test data for the dummy credit card for the card types.
    • Collect the information about the gateway completely.
    • Collect payment gateway documents with error codes.
    • Get to know about the parameters and requirements of the application and payment gateway thoroughly.
    • Understand and test the amount of related information that is passed through the query string.
    • Check the language of the application.
    • Check the language of the payment gateway also.


To avoid any mishappening, complete testing of the payment gateway system is compulsory. The testing will ensure the security, privacy, as well as authenticity of the system and payments.

Plus, authorised and verified payment gateways must be used. In case of detecting any problem with the payment system, you must clear the bugs before the system is available publicly.

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