Community Reporters for EuroSTAR 2018 Wanted!

Want to be EuroSTAR’s eyes and ears this November? Do you think you have what it takes to be the reporter for Europe’s largest Software Testing Conference? Then this message is for you!

We are looking for Dedicated reporters for EuroSTAR 2018! Help us collect, write & deliver news during the Conference. Apply now if you think you are up for the challenge! The best applicant will be chosen and will receive a free ticket to EuroSTAR!


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EuroSTAR Reporter Responsibilities

As one of the EuroSTAR Reporters, your responsibilities at the event will include:



  • Blog Post: Within the next two weeks, we would like you to write a preview of the Conference. This article might include such aspects as what you are looking forward to, who are you looking forward to see speaking, what social events will you be attending. You can upload that blog post on the Huddle site here.
  • Social Media – Get the conversation going on social media! Our Twitter and Facebook users are actively searching for updates, so you can describe the excitement and the atmosphere.

During the Conference:

  • Daily Live-Posting– This includes posting on Huddle, publishing discussions will be established for each day of the conference. We would like you to post in a style similar to live-blogging an event. This would include:
  1. Individual posts on what tutorials, workshops and keynote presentations that you are attending, your brief thoughts on them
  2. Interact with others on the Huddle forum (who may or may not be at the conference)
  3. Uploading photos of different events you attend at the conference, including social events, Test Lab, Test Clinic, etc
  4. Starting relevant threads on Huddle related to the Conference – Although these responsibilities might seem small, we would expect that you would be a constant presence on the Huddle forums throughout the conference interacting with those who are attending and those who are not attending the conference and as such bring the experience of the conference to the wider community.


  • Final Blog Post – Here is where you write your own review of the conference. Include information such as:  How you found the event, your favourite speakers, what was unique, who have you met at the conference. Feel free to include as much information as you like (the length of the article should be up to 800 words).
  • Social Media Mentions – If you are on social media (especially Twitter), please feel free to mention your new role at the event and we encourage regular tweeting at the event itself with the EuroSTAR Conference hashtag #eurostarconf




We are giving away two tickets for the EuroSTAR Testing Conference taking place in the Hague in Netherlands. The Conference features five world-class keynotes, tutorials covering all aspects of testing, active workshops and more.


Anyone and everyone can enter as long as you are a member of Huddle (of course). If you have a passion for passion for testing and writing and you would like to earn from the most brilliant minds in software testing, then this is the competition for you.


Entering this competition couldn’t be easier! Tell us in 500 words or less, why you should get the ticket to the EuroSTAR Conference this November and why do you think you fit the role of the reporter.

If you are interested and you think you are up to for it, apply now!


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