Community Reporter Magnus: My Preview of EuroSTAR 2016

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Magnus will be the Forum Reporter at EuoSTAR 2016. Expect to find him on the Huddle forums everyday of the Conference where we will be featuring live updates, pics from the Conference and more. Here he offers what he is looking forward to at EuroSTAR 2016.


I was very happy to learn that I got chosen to be one of the community reporter for EuroStar 2016. It’s always been an interesting thought to share my experience of an event such as this. You will be able to follow my conference experience in the form of forum post on the Test huddle.

So who am I? My name is Magnus, and this will be my third EuroStar. I have worked close to nine years in testing and I have no intention to switching career. As I work mainly as a solo tester, the different conferences and meetups I attend is a great source of inspiration and possibilities to learn new things.

My biggest take away from the former conferences have been the great collection of experiences that comes from several days of deep diving into something together with a lot of other people. You all talk about the same thing, but from several different angles and experiences. The inspiration that results in is great. I am also looking forward to meeting all the great people that I have met the other years I have attended. During the years I have made some great friends, and every time I attend I seem to meet at least one or two new people that I can consider new friends.

Social Events

I am also a big fan of the test lab, and it is a big chance that you will find me there between sessions, or sometimes even during sessions. It’s great fun to try out the puzzles and talk to the people that hangs out there and, of course, the lab hub rtd

For this years programme I have two things that I look very much forward to. First is the keynotes. This year has a very interesting collection of keynotes. Don’t get me wrong, the keynotes are usually very good. But this year seems to be something extra. Second is the panel about diversity on the last day of the conference. As to my knowledge there has not been many panels if any on former conferences so just the fact that there is a panel seems pretty cool, and I hope that a panel will become a recurring event if this one is successful. When it comes to the subject of diversity in testing, that will be the subject discussed by the panel, I really hope that it results in good and constructive discussions, and most of all I’m curious.

I am really looking forward to a fully packed conference with lots of interesting talks and new people to meet. Feel free to look me up. I’m more than happy to talk about most areas in testing. See you at EuroStar 2016.


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Magnus has been working in testing for almost 9 years, and this is his third EuroStar. Working mostly as a solo tester he has developed the testing processes for the two companies he has been testing for. Magnus has several interests where games and martial arts take the most time.

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I have close to 6 years in testing. Having tried my luck in various proffessions like IT-technician, teaching, lecturing and "water smelling guy" in a lab I ended up in testing and realised that I had found my place. My childhood dream was always to become a private detective and working in testing is probably as close as I can get and still have the economy to pay my bills.
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