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Category Archives: Mobile Testing

  • Top Fixes For Your Banking App Crash Problem!

    In their generally new role as a mobile application and Mobile web engineers, banks are hitting numerous hindrances, glitches, 404 errors, slow response times, and so many internet banking problems that drive clients to dissatisfaction and in some cases move to the …

  • Hadoop or Spark- Which One is a Better Big Data Framework?

    Apps are one of the crucial parts of people’s life. It saves time and money and helps a lot. they are on demand, not just for personal use but also for profession use. There are various companies and marketers are …

    • 08/05/2018
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    • Posted by James
  • Testing With Blockchain – Blockchain Applications and How to Test Them

    Imagine being part of a software development team working on an exciting new project that has been widely written about and which thousands of people are eagerly awaiting. You deploy the code, sit back to enjoy the results… but there …

    • 21/02/2018
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    • Posted by Rhian
  • How Will IoT Impact Mobile App Development

    Nowadays, IoT is suddenly getting so much attention but lot of developers don’t know where to start taking advantage of IoT with because IoT is quite expansive. There are various industries taking advantage of IoT –such as healthcare, automotive, energy, …

    • 19/02/2018
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    • Posted by Micheal
  • Hiring a Mobile App Developer? Here are 7 Interview Questions

    Mobile app development can be difficult. It can have its barriers to making a great customer experience. Hiring a mobile app developer is one step on building that experience for the user.  There are many potential questions to ask a …

    • 15/02/2018
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    • Posted by Micheal
  • Real Devices Vs Emulator/Simulator in Mobile Testing: Which is Best?

    Mobile testing has become a nightmare due to increasing number of devices and configurations that mobile apps and websites need to be cross-checked against. These tests should confirm the seamless running of applications. Thankfully, today we have a wide range …

    • 16/10/2017
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    • Posted by Indium
  • Mobile Game Testing – Performance Testing Evaluation

    In this article, we are going to discuss the State of Mobile Gaming and examine mobile game testing with the key aspects of mobile game performance evaluation. To understand more about the mobile gaming performance, let us take a look …

    • 09/10/2017
    • one comment
    • Posted by Indium
  • App Testing during Development

    If recent past has been any indication, then it is a certainty there are growing expectations from testers and developers alike, to take quality head on, as a joint feature. More so in mobile app testing projects where changes are …

    • 25/09/2017
    • no comments
    • Posted by Shankar
  • API Testing – A Must for Agile Practices

    Over a decade, Web services or APIs have been deployed widely to propel the interaction between application and server for data or information exchange. Agile practices have revolutionized the way software is developed and has also increased the frequency of …

    • 21/09/2017
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    • Posted by Pavan
  • 7 Steps To Tackle Mobile App Development Challenges

    Mobile app development process involves continuous brainstorming and critical thinking. There is fierce competition in the market amongst different companies to reach the top position. Users have a variety of options to choose from. Thus, developers have to come up …

    • 20/09/2017
    • Posted by Ray
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