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Category Archives: Mobile Testing

  • Challenges in Mobile Testing – Mobile Application testing

    The current world Smartphone market is three times bigger than the PC market and is rapidly growing. There are 2.2 million applications available as of early 2016 and the number of mobile apps downloaded is expected to be 268 billion in 2017. …

    • 01/06/2017
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    • Posted by Boby
  • How to Manage a Device Lab For Testing

    Those of us working in QA, or as a developer in a larger company (for example 100 people or more), will likely have had access to a dedicated set of test devices. Quite often, you will have two or three …

    • 16/03/2017
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    • Posted by Robert
  • Mobile Test Coverage: How to solve the app test coverage challenge?

    Figuring out the how to define the right test coverage and lab configuration for a mobile project is one of the biggest frustrations for today’s digital teams. Organizations struggle to assure high quality for the mobile apps but at the …

    • 05/03/2017
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    • Posted by eran
  • Test Automation For Mobile App Testing: Eight Questions You Need to Ask

    Test automation is like many political issues—there are several camps with varying degrees of bias. PMs and testers with little programming experience are sometimes intimidated by automation. Engineers, especially engineers only a few years out of school, think automation will …

    • 23/02/2017
    • one comment
    • Posted by Tassawer
  • Mobile App Testing Certifications – Is it worth giving a try?

    In last few months, I got many emails regarding “Mobile App Testing Certification”. If there is any certification for Mobile App Testing? Should I do certification in Mobile Testing to get a job? etc. For those who want to know …

  • Manual Mobile Testing: How to Make It Less Painful

    With 60% of the industry still functioning at 30% mobile test automation it’s clear that manual testing is taking a major chunk of a testing team’s time. As we acknowledge the need for both manual and automation testing, and without …

    • 22/12/2016
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    • Posted by Anna
  • 5 Mobile Development Pitfalls

      The mobile web is going through an exciting growth phase as consumers and businesses shift their interests toward the “second screen.” Even the media is taking notice of the trend: Forbes declared 2015 the “Year of the Mobile Web.” …

    • 18/08/2016
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    • Posted by Andrea
  • What should be the name of next version of Android (N) ?

    Android version names have always been in the name of some sweets/desserts. If you take a look on all android versions you can see lots of desserts all around. Just have a look:   Source: Wikipedia Traditionally it was google …

  • Are you testing your apps on the right platforms?

    Are you testing for the whole digital experience, on the right devices, operating systems and browsers? This is the question that app developers, testers and product managers ask themselves as app quality becomes a major focus for not only development …

    • 15/04/2016
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    • Posted by eran
  • Mobile App Quality Test Techniques To Beat The Competition

    With over 3 million apps available between Android and Apple, to remain competitive you must provide users with high quality, high value apps.  Consumers expectations for quality and performance continue to increase. Users will quickly lose  patience if there are …

    • 15/04/2016
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    • Posted by QualityWorks
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