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Category Archives: Internet of Things

  • The Future of VR

    The definition of virtual reality comes from both ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. It is a combination of ‘virtual’ and the reality which we experience as human beings. So the term ‘virtual reality’ basically means ‘near-reality’. This so called near reality is a growing technology and …

    • 03/10/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • QA process Maturity: A Buzzword or Meaningful Effort?

    A mature QA process provides clear procedures for managing project risks, the toughest of them being missed deadlines and unhappy customers. However, many teams consider it a complex effort that only takes up valuable time that could be put to …

    • 26/09/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • DevOps Jobs: Tips for Finding the Perfect Job in DevOps

    There isn’t a single industry today that don’t utilize technology in one form or another. There is a growing demand for people who are knowledgeable in developing a software or an application, automation, building websites and running network operations. There …

    • 24/09/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • How to Design an Elearning Course

    eLearning has taken the world by storm as a rapidly rising number of businesses and educational institutes unlock the power of online learning. The benefits of eLearning have made it a hot trend in today’s society. There’s no doubt it …

    • 18/09/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Writing a QA Software Tester Resume: Tips and Tricks

    Getting an interview requires writing a resume that stands out and gets the hiring manager’s attention. If you get off to a bad start, chances are your resume is getting chucked. You also need to be confident that your resume …

    • 18/09/2018
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    • Posted by Grace
  • Will AI kill Software Testing? Here’s why it won’t

    When it comes to movies or TV shows genre, Sci-Fi is my personal favorite. And in Sci-Fi section the thing which excites me the most is the battle between the AI vs Humans. Where, the AI has gone out of …

    • 17/09/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Why We Need to Put a Lot of Effort Into Documenting

    Some organisations initiate system implementation projects without documenting how existing business processes will be affected. In some cases, even the existing business processes lack documentation. More digitization projects should shift its primary focus from just delivering working systems on time, …

    • 30/08/2018
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    • Posted by Oyvind
  • Four Essential Elements in the IOT Software Testing

    The IoT is growing fast and is poised to have a big impact on just about every market all over the world. For organizations to prepare for and truly benefit from the potential of the internet of everything, they should …

    • 28/08/2018
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    • Posted by Nishtha
  • How to Build a Relevant Automation Strategy for Mobile Testing?

    Mobile application testing is an elaborate exercise that involves selection of right automated tools, frameworks, devices and simulators, as it is essential to meet the user expectations. Today, a mobile phone is not merely a tool for communication anymore, for …

    • 21/08/2018
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    • Posted by Komal
  • Upcoming Software Testing Which Will Transform the Future

    In recent years software testing has been in the track they had good past and also improving their techniques in every year. Experts have improved the manufacturing process with the help of waterfall approach to test and increase the product …

    • 13/08/2018
    • one comment
    • Posted by Gnana
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