Blogspy 205: The Best Software Testing Blogs Round-Up

Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which we round up the best software testing blog posts from the best software testing blogs this week. This week we feature posts on tracking bugs, who fixes the bug, BDD techniques, API’s and more.


Favourite Talks from Selenium Conference Austin 2017 | Jason B. Ogayon

Jason got to attend the Selenium Conference that was held in Austin recently. Here he shares some of his favourite talks at the event and explains why he liked the talks so much.

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How BDD Techniques Helped Me Optimise My Testing | Vikram Ingleshwar

In this post, Vikram shares how BDD techniques helped him  in optimising manual and automation testing which resulted in pushing newer software updates at higher pace and lesser bugs than traditional testing techniques.

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Our Definition of “Agile Testing” | Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin

The definition of Agile Testing has long eluded many people. It can be hard to get it right. Here Janet and Lisa survey members of LinkedIn and Yahoo! groups to try define what Agile Testing is.

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Busting A Testing Myth: ‘Automation Will Solve All Your Problems’ | Steve Watson

Continuing our series on dispelling common myths in software testing, this post by Steve examines why Automation will not always have the answers for your testing problems.

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How APIs Change the Testing Game | Justin Rohrman

API’s have become quite a common feature in software testing in recent years. In this post Justin takes the view that API testing has allowed testers to take part much earlier in the development cycle.

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Should Developers Verify Their Own Bug Fixes? | Kim Knup

Who is responsible for verifying that the bug fix works. Is it the developer or the tester? Based on her experience in a new team, Kim discusses what the pros and cons are of either carrying out this role.

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Bugs: To Track or Not To Track | John Ruberto

Is tracking bugs a waste of time? John looks at the merits or not, of tracking bugs and how it fits in with modern testing processes.

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