Blogspy 204: The Best Software Testing Blogs Round-Up

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Welcome to the weekly edition of the Huddle Blogspy in which we round up the latest posts from the best software testing blogs this week. This week we feature posts on Agile falling short, team charter, Test Cases, making Automation successful in Agile and more.


Selenium WebDriver + .NET Core 2.0 – What Everyone Ought to Know | Anton Angelov

Anton describes how to create .NET Core projects that can run Selenium WebDriver tests. He goes into detail on how to execute from command line simultaneously MSTest, NUnit and XUnit tests.

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I Don’t Find Test Cases Very Useful | Amit Wertheimer

Amit explains in a response to a blog post he read why he believes that Test Cases are not really needed in testing.

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Creating A Team Charter | Stephen Janaway

Productivity is something that managers should be concerned about but the a focus on productivity can often mean the importance of creating a functioning team is lost. Here Stephen guides you on how to create a team charter and why it is so important.

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Mnemonics and Heuristics | Maria Kedemo

Mnemonics can be useful for any role especially when you have a number of tasks to complete. Here are a few mnemonics and heuristics for software testing that you might find useful.

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6 Ways to Make Test Automation Successful in Agile Environment | Testing Whiz

A guide for company’s and managers of testing teams on how to successfully apply test automation to the Agile environment.

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Where does agile fall short in the eyes of executives? | Skip Angel

Is Agile falling short in the eyes of executives? Skip this it might be based on a recent survey of CIO’s of UK and US companies.

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