Blogspy 188: Weekly Software Testing Digest

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This week in our Huddle blog round-up of our highlights from software testing and QA blogs from the last week we feature posts on myths of testing, DIY Usability testing with Agile, Test Leadership and more.


5 Reasons Software Developers And Pro Footballers are similar – Tamás Török

So what do professional footballers and software developers have in common? Tamás thinks quite a few things. Here he suggests what they have in common.

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Most Common Myths about Quality Assurance and Testing – David Tzemach

What are the common myths of software testing? In this post, David shares some of the common myths he believes that are out there about software testing.

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108 Counterintuitive Things QA People Know About The Field Of Software Testing – Noah Sussman

This is a comprehensive list of all things to do with software testing that you may agree with or not on aspects of testing that you might not have thought about too much but that Noah argues are counterintuitive.

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How To Mix And Match DIY Usability Testing With Agile – Katsiaryna Sidarenka

A long post on Usability testing and how the User needs to be considered as part of the development process and can become a crucial element of the process.

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Test Leadership is here to stay – Anne Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie looks at the challenges that test leadership are facing and how the role of test manager could change with the advent of Agile methodology

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Yes, and… – Liz Keogh

Liz shares how one of the defining principals of Improv comedy should be considered for Agile transformation.

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How do you hire a Junior Tester? – Katrina Clokie

Katrina ponders on hiring junior testers, the benefits but also the process and how to go about hiring and the thoughts on a new testing qualification.

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