Blogspy 166: Our Round-up of the best software testing blogs

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the last week. This week: Qualities of a good software tester, how to be a manager, preparing for test consulting, and more.


Blog Spy


Five qualities of a good software tester – Jennifer Lent

Jennifer argues this is what qualities a great software tester should have

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Selenium 2016 Conference – Linkesh Kanna Velu

Linkesh recently attended the Selenium 2016 Conference. Here he reports on the sessions that he attended and summarises the theme of each of the talks.

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I Can Manage – James Thomas

A brief and concise synopsis by James of the book “Managing the Unmanageable”, a book designed for those managing teams in the software industry after he has recently taken up a role in this.

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Start-Up Series; Part Three: Prioritise Your Time – Gordon Marsh

Our monthly blog series continues with Gordon focusing on one of the most important issues for any tester, manager or start-up CEO; how to prioritise your time.

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How can someone prepare for consulting? – Jerry Weinberg

Jerry answers a question that is often asked by those in the software testing industry with an interest in changing their role.

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What Agile Project Managers Do, Part 1 – Johanna Rothman

AS the title suggests, Johanna begins a series of posts on Agile Management with the basics; what does an Agile Manager do?

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Five Tricky Things With Testing – Rikard Edgren

Rikard attended the SAST West event in Gothenburg last week where he presented with this talk. Here he summarises the talk and the main takeaways from it.

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