Blogspy 158: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best of software testing blogs includes managing your testing time, what is Zen’in keiei, using the testing V Checking model and more.


Blog Spy

Know What? – James Thomas

Ambiguity is good. One of the messages James took from a recent podcast interview he has been listening to.

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Zen’in keiei; more Japanese, every person a manager – Allan Kelly

Allan explains what Zen’in keiei means, and why the concept of Zen’in keiei should be embraced by all companies.

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Ever noticed what do you do between finding and reporting a bug? – Erik Hörömpöli

A interesting post from Erik Hörömpöli on his process of reporting a software bug with some helpful images to guide you in the process too.

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A Personal Model of Testing and Checking – Ash Winter

Ash writes about his experience of using the testing V Checking model of testing, how he uses the model and why he doesn’t stick rigidly to the parameters of the model either.

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What To Do When There Isn’t Enough Time To Test? – Vijay Shinde

Where does the time go when you are testing. Vijay looks into how testing may take up more time than estimated and how testers can get more time for testing with some handy tips.

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Time estimation for software testing – Dennis Turpitka

Another post on managing your time as a software tester. Dennis gets into details on how you can manage time estimation for a project including process planning, test case development, regression testing and other areas.

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How to fix a bug in open source software – Richard Schneeman

So how do you tackle a bug in Open Source software. Richard guides you through how bugs are tackled, how to get the best out of those reporting bugs and how to check bugs being reported are actually bugs.

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