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  • On This Day – September 5th

    The writer of the Blaster-F Worm is arrested, Iron Python is released and An Introduction to Testing on Agile Projects was released on this day. All on today’s On This Day from  Huddle.   2003 – Author of Blaster-F Worm …

    • 05/09/2014
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Test Coverage: How MindMaps Can Help

    What is a MindMap? A mindmap is a diagram used to visually organize information. It can be called as a visual thinking tool. A Mindmap allows complex information to be presented in a simplified visual form. A mind map is …

    • 06/05/2016
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    • Posted by Prashant
  • How To Selenium: Use Explicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver

    Welcome to the second post of our new How To…Series. Each month on the first Tuesday of the month, we will post a new blog post to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to address a particular aspect …

    • 05/07/2016
    • one comment
    • Posted by Alex
  • Test Suite and Test Redundancy: How Your Watchmen Have Turned Against You

    It is an empirical fact that code duplication (or non-DRY code) raises technical debt, which in turn causes undesired maintenance issues for software projects especially in your test suites. Additionally, non-DRY code can potentially increase the likelihood of introducing software …

    • 04/01/2019
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    • Posted by Mario
  • Friday Funny: Waiting for home time on a Friday

    Does anyone in your office do this? 🙂 I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movie!! What are your favourite movies?

    • 18/07/2014
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    • Posted by Emma
  • Breaking barriers, testing style!

    Hello, I am a new mother and would like to share my experience. Before you dismiss this to be too absurd a topic for a tester’s blog, may I reassure you that it is very much to do with testing …

    • 23/07/2014
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    • Posted by Sowmya
  • How To… SoapUI: Using Dynamic Properties

    Every month on the third Tuesday as part of our How To…Series, we feature a new post with a guide on how to solve a particular problem with SOAP UI with guest blogger Brendan Connolly. This month Brendan looks at …

    • 15/11/2016
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    • Posted by Brendan
  • Friday Funny: Project Management

    When Project Management goes right! Has this ever happened to you?   Find More Friday Funnys here

    • 20/06/2014
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    • Posted by Emma
  • Friday Funny: Junior Tester on Release Day

    Sometimes a junior tester is just trying to help. Their eagerness for the role means that the might have some suggestions and thoughts that you might not want the project manager to hear. We have all been there; starting out …

    • 27/06/2014
    • one comment
    • Posted by Emma
  • How To… SoapUI: Parsing With Groovy

    This guide is on how to solve a particular problem with SOAP UI with guest blogger Brendan Connolly. Here, we look at Parsing With Groovy.   Parsing with Groovy SOAP UI will be the focus of this post. Besides communicating with an endpoint …

    • 21/03/2017
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    • Posted by Brendan
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