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5 Online Talks – Free Community Events – Best of EuroSTAR 2022

EuroSTAR 2022 was back in-person in Copenhagen and it was awesome! 1,200 testers came together, connected with each other and learned from over 70 fantastic speakers, covering all aspects of software testing.

Now you can catch five of the most popular talks as voted by our conference attendees.

EuroSTAR Huddle provides free online learning resources for the software testing community, in collaboration with software testing experts and enthusiasts.  We are delighted to be welcoming five of our EuroSTAR 2022 speakers online for live talks this November. We hope you can join us.


Best of EuroSTAR Week Featuring

Monday 7th November 15:00 CET

Gitte Ottosen – Denmark – Test Manager, Orchestrator, or Quality Coach?

Tuesday 8th November 15:00 CET

Thomas ShipleyUKReady for Test – A Symptom of Poor Quality Culture

Wednesday 9th November 15:00 CET

Jihad GhandourLebanonMama Said My Shape Was OK – A Better Shape Than I,T and X

Thursday 10th November 15:00 CET

Sanne VisserThe Netherlands – Good Enough Testing: Finding the Goldilocks Zone

Friday 11th November 11:00 CET

Brijesh DebThe Netherlands Take Charge: Unbend Yourself Back Into Action


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