Why A Quality Consultant Is Just Like A Shaman – Bringing Wisdom to Testing Teams

Shaman is a word which means, “One who sees in the dark.” Shamans are healers and have been intrinsic to humankind for tens of thousands of years. Shamans can be found practising their healing methods throughout the world, in nearly every culture. But how does this relate to being a Quality Consultant?

In the corporate world, a shaman is someone who enters an organisation (usually as a consultant) with an altered state of mind, and their journeys to other worlds (organisations) gathering power, wisdom and energies of those other worlds to create positive change in people and the environments in which they affect (that is, their current client). Their work is a practice, based on trial and error over the years. With their work being continually distilled and improved, and then handed over to their current client. So that what is available to organisations today are very powerful, proven processes that can be used for finding the solutions to organisational or quality problems, or even healing the organisation itself.

As allies in their healing work, shamans rely on teachers (subject matter experts) and power animals (managers and leaders) from the realms (organisations) to which they journey. By journeying to these compassionate and healing individuals, the consultant becomes the conduit or “hollow bone” through which the healing energies and messages are transmitted to the client. The consultant becomes a synthesete for them, bringing to their minds and spirits a new realisation from which success is wrought.

Shamanic practices are directed to healing individuals, and since organisations are nothing more than groups of individuals, it follows that these shamanic methods can be used to heal and restore spirit to organisations. As a quality consultant for more than 20 years, working as either an internal or external consultant, I have seen firsthand the results that can be borne from these methods. Have you?


Realise your true power as a consultant – realise that you can bring magic to your clients – realise you are actually a Shaman.


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Paul TrompeterPaul Trompeter is an optimistic and analytical Senior Executive with an extensive success within the software & hardware technology, life sciences, biotech, pharma, aerospace, defense, banking, retail, logistics, life & auto insurance, telecommunications, media, and government Industries. He leverages extensive IT experience to implement strategies and improve processes to support organizational expansion and reduce costs. His areas of expertise include executive management consulting, digital transformation, business analysis, Agile methodologies, outsourcing, enterprise and solution architecture, data warehousing, SDLC, M&A, P&L, B2B, and MaaS. Paul has served as an Acting VP (1 year), Director (15 years), Portfolio Director (3 years) and Practice Head (3 years). He has been a consultant with his own company and others since 2000. Paul is a hybrid of sorts – a technologist with a heart/passion for Quality and a soul of understanding organization change management (doctoral degree in OCM – Effective Leadership).

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