The Art of Asking Questions – Test Clinic at EuroSTAR


The first conference day is over, and the Test Clinic has closed – but don’t worry, we’ll open up again Wednesday morning at 8:30 am! If you think of a question you want to ask, but are concerned you won’t remember it later you can post it on Twitter using the hashtag #TestClinic.

We were asked a lot of very different questions today, ranging from high-level strategic questions around organizational transformation to very specific technical tool questions. With the help of the Test Consultants we did our best to answer every question, but we’ll also keep thinking about them and might add to our answers once we slept on it.

An observation from today is that it can actually be really hard to ask questions, typically because you don’t know exactly what to ask. Don’t let that stop you though – feel free to use us to figure out what question you’re really trying to ask! Sometimes just talking it through will help you formulate the question, and maybe formulating the right question is even enough for you to realize you already have the answer.

Stop by tomorrow and have a chat – I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other!

A special thank you to today’s Test Consultants Anne-Marie Charrett, Patrick Duisters and Erkki Poyhonen.


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