An obituary to a Managed Test Service

1st October 2020, Enterpirseborough ,F500 Inc street

Managed Test Service, 66, died Friday, 3rd October, 2020 at the Delivery governance war room in the IT head quarters of F500 inc. following a terminal illness caused by a lifetime burden of 34 SLA’s, debt burden of 44 KPIs , 29 painful claw backs by procurement due to failed deliveries and overdose of turnaround specialists and consultants

MTS leaves 4 programmes , 45 projects 12 application centres and a number of small changes behind.Born and raised in the HQ , MTS was a lifelong resident of the borough.

In the early years, MTS would help do functional testing for the core system portfolio and eventually taking ownership of non-functional testing and user testing. After graduating from the delivery transformation high school , MTS attended the SLA University, graduating with a degree in cost optimisation and skill super-speciaisation. MTS eventually joined the IT Board, where he was the voice of quality(or so he believed)

His attention to detail and obsession with centralisation of anything that had Test in it’s name was legendary. He was proud and preached the virtues of , albeit bloated and inflexible, test service

However,he struggled with newer delivery approaches of Agile and DevOps which spread like cancer throughout the delivery organisation. Devops challenged the fundamental idea of skill super-specialisation and independent testing that MTS championed and built his empire on. DevOps challenged the way of living of MTS as unsustainable 

DevOps valued people and interactions over process unlike MTS which obsessed about process

DevOps valued working software while MTS was worried about comprehensive documentation

MTS got caught up in time-wasting contract negotiations instead of allowing his team to focus on customer collaboration

MTS preferred a predictable plan while his delivery friends had already moved on with adaptable plans

A funeral service was held on Monday 6th October from Funeral Home of Procurement , with a private burial.

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Adi is a Senior Test Management and Agile delivery practitioner in the Financial Services , Government and E-Commerce sectors He is equally adept at Agile\DevOps , traditional and hybrid delivery models and believes in shift-left initiatives to improve quality of projects by leveraging his strong software development background. His career roles from Dev to Deploy involved interfacing with multiple types of stakeholders covering IT Operations, Business, end customers , programme delivery and governance
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