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Community Moderators

As you know we are constantly trying to improve the TEST Huddle community to make it a better place for you as a community member. We have taken the next step in this process. Moderation is a essential part of any online community. The moderators keep threads on topic, encourage interaction and monitor unwanted community activity  and that members adhere to the community guidelines.  It is important to have someone moderating who is both experienced in and has the knowledge of software testing. With that in mind, TEST Huddle is proud to present our Community Moderators.


Andrés Curcio

Profile picture of Andrés

Andrés is based in faraway Uruguay and works there as a sofware tester. He is a long time member of the community and would like to contribute more to the general software testing community. You can find him in many of the Forums but he will be especially involved in the “Introduce Yourself” thread welcoming all our newcomers to the community.

“I’d like to introduce myself as briefly as possible (so that none will be too bored), and to make the most out of the introduction in an efficient manner.

First things first, my name is Andrés Curcio, and I am proud to be a Tester, personally, I deem myself to be a Software Testing Jedi Knight, and the reason for that, is that I love this craft, a craft I feel very passionate about. On 2014 I joined this community, and now I’ve decided to take a more active role in the community for I believe that growth requires participation, it requires involvement as well as sharing knowledge. Therefore, I will be participating from the point of view of a Moderator , and I look forward to do my best at it, so that we can all keep on learning with and from each other, whilst having fun, sharing experiences, sharing downfalls/triumphs, and also, lessons learned among others matters.

Were you to have either questions, doubts, or just feeling like passing by to say “Hi!” to have a conversation about testing, and/or about any other topic, feel free to do so :). Talking to you all around the community soon!”


Alin Groza


Alin works as a software test engineer at the German media company Haufe Group. He is involved in ensuring software quality for financial software, including desktop products, web applications and mobile banking apps. While applying agile software principles,  he has gained experience in both frontend and backend testing activities. He is also involved in organizing and promoting the software testing community in his home city of Timisoara, called “Tabara de Testare” (The testing camp). Apart from software testing  Alin is a fan of reading, opera and travelling. He also enjoy’s discovering new places and cultures.

Alin is a big fan of promoting the idea “meeting people and sharing ideas”. There are many people that have good technical and/or soft skills. A community is a good way to let people share their knowledge and it helps improve the continuous learning which is a must in software testing.

Jesper Linholt Ottosen

Moderator Icon - jesper

Jesper has always been a part of the TEST Huddle community since he joined last May and made many valuable contributions. So it was a easy decision to ask Jesper to become part of our Moderating team. Keep an eye out for Jesper all over the community. Jesper is a big fan of polls so expect to see more of them in the coming months.

“I am from Aarhus in Denmark, but sees his testing community to be all around the World. First time ever at EuroStar in 2010 I hosted a lighting talk session, and from then on grew to engage in blogging, writing and tweeting about testing and test management. I have been in testing since 2002 initially in telecom, since then in public solutions, health and HR solutions. While my daily playing field may be as a test consultant in a formal context – my radar reaches towards context-driven testing.

I am keen to get some questions started about your context – the challenges of testing may be the same, but the contexts very very different.”


Aleksandra Kornecka

Aleksandra Mod

Aleksandra is new to the TEST Huddle community but is keen to make a contribution and help other testers in the community.

Aleksandra works as the Software Quality Assurance Engineer for the American company in Poland. She ‘crafted her testing’ in e-commerce, ERP-like systems and automation Python/Selenium. She has been in love with I.T. for 3 years, preferably in the role of QA, user experience and workflow consultant, sometimes being also the manager or potent social media ninja – she just loves the interdisciplinary challenges.

She gained Cognitive science with the topic of haptics in smartphones. She is also interested in Information Architecture, Augmented Reality and the “connected world”. Her favourite SQA topics are security, UX and mobile. You can meet her visiting various IT events and meetups across Poland and Europe. Aleksandra is also the organizer and president of Girls Who Test – a team of wonderful girls testing software, who love to share their knowledge and experience with the people, especially with females outside the IT field.

Beyond the technology Aleksandra is keen on the light athletics, tango argentino dance and Spyker Spyder. She is the everyday life researcher, willing to share knowledge and ideas, always happy to meet good-hearted and enterprising people.


A Voice for the Community

With the development of the community, we see the addition of a moderator as being one step in a series of improvements we will be making to the website in the coming months. Already we have made some changes to the forums which make them more user friendly. The addition of a moderator will only help in making the community a more engaging environment. Our new moderator, Andrés will be nipping in and out of conversations, talking to you and helping with any issues to do with the Forums. So keep an eye out for Andrés and feel free to congratulate him on the new role.


Get Involved

If you would like to become involved in the community at a greater level, contribute your knowledge and experience, then please private message me here.

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