6 benefits of Automation Testing

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Automated testing can prove to be very beneficial for the testing cycles of your mobile apps. It consumes very little time along by aiding you in building better apps with comparatively lower input of effort. However, some of the companies even today depend on manual testing procedures. This is mainly because the companies do not know how to accurately integrate automated testing procedure during app development procedure is conducted. Generally, in automation testing, the work is made simpler with the help of a machine and also the output is more accurate as compared to manual testing. The machines take over the tasks that are needed to performed continually and do perform them quicker too. Machines are more reliable in testing matters as it is obvious that human beings tend to lose their concentration when performing the same task repetitively. Sometimes, some of the errors are overlooked by us while machines promptly serve exact results.

However, let us dig deeper into what are the benefits of Automation testing apart from the one already mentioned.


  1. Return of Investment: The initial investment in automation testing may seem to be high as compared to manual testing procedures. However, in the long run, the outcome will prove to be beneficial. When you tally the investment made on automated testing and manual testing with the outcome both the procedures provide, you will be shocked to see the results. Automated testing surely saves a lot not only in terms of money but also in terms of time. Along with the sharp decrease in time consumption, the quality of the work is improved too. Fixing of the glitches after the results are released will become historical with the use of the automated testing method.


  1. Tests can be run anywhere and at any time: The best part about using automated testing is you can do it anywhere and everywhere and there is no fixed time too. Even with the most intricate systems, automated testing saves plentiful time. You can begin the test before you leave your office at night and the other day when you come back, you can just look at the results and then continue with the work that’s further needed to be done. This also allows for the tests to be conducted more often with lesser effort.


  1. Fewer human employees required: There is a lesser need for manual labour as the machine will complete almost all the work. An automation test expert is enough to input the data and scripts into the device and begin the process. Rest all the functions are carried out by the device with 99 % accuracy. Also, the efficiency of testing is improved as even the slightest change in the requirement of labour will hugely affect the expenditure positively and also the time frame of the project is reduced. Although initial set up before the automated test has begun takes longer but when we look at the overall time consumed it’s comparatively less and more efficient. The preciseness of the tests improve as no more the already exhausted human beings will be conducting the same tests over and over again rather an automated machine will do all the work.


  1. Reliability: Once you have equipped your device with the automated test process you can rest assured that the outcome of it is going to be accurate. Human error is likely to occur when the same tests are conducted repeatedly as after one point of time a person starts losing interest as well as their concentration and tends to skip some of the scripts out. However, with the machine, the scenario is completely altered. Additionally, with the repetitive tests conducted on the machine, the initial data is stored and hence the process becomes easier and faster every time. Software developers can easily assess the outcome without making any errors. The automated testing procedure is reusable and can be utilised on various platforms.


  1. Thorough testing procedure: When the tests are conducted manually, it is natural that different tester will possess different opinion about the same. Also, with the excessive difference in opinion, the area of exposure and expertise may be compromised too. This is when test strategy for automation testing comes to the rescue; as with the inclusion of it the focus of the machine will be precise and the results are guaranteed to be accurate.


  1. The data remain secured: The efficacy of the testing output will majorly depend on the quality of data you use for the test. When this data created manually, the quality may be compromised as the procedure takes time. More often than not the testing is performed on the copies generated from live databases. However, in automation testing the creating, manipulating, and protection of the data remains intact which you can further re-use without missing out on any essential information. Therefore, cost saving, time, and data security become potentially huge by taking automation testing into consideration.

Why is automation testing not implemented widely?

Even after automation testing being so beneficial several companies do not accept it entirely. The initial costing in the set up of automation testing plays a major role in the setback of its implementation. Also, most of the business firms tend to overlook this crucial aspect of development by placing them aside. Even today those some of the leaders of the organizations are not yet ready to embrace automated testing in its entirety. The resistance still prevails before the implementation of the procedure threatening the areas of fear, doubt, and certainty of the outcome.

Bottom line:

There are more benefits than drawbacks in automating the testing process, which is clearly evident from the benefits mentioned above. On the other hand, manual testing cannot be avoided completely. Therefore, it is best for the organization to opt for automation testing wherever possible. To increase the efficacy of the output you need to take both the procedures into consideration.


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