Your Testing Habitat is Rapidly Changing. Are You?

Ryan Volker


Covid-19 led to rapid and immediate changes to our lives, our work, and our habitat. This transformational moment is happening before our eyes. These are not the only changes occurring. Testers must also accept that their professional habitat is also evolving.  RPA, AI, Regulation and Agile methodologies greatly impact our environment. Such threats are growing, not receding. The soft skills needed by testers are ever increasing. In this live event Ryan will shine a light on five soft skills, attributes, and behaviours testers must develop and grow to thrive in a changing habitat. o   Inaction or Action: change is constant o   Evolving Ecosystem:…....

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About Me!

Ryan Volker experience spans almost 20 years in banking across both sides of the Atlantic. Ryan’s original habitat included U.S. Banking Operations and Online Product Management before launching a first-ever, multi-national testing department for a large German bank. The spotlight was squarely on identifying and delivering testing strategies for mobile, multi-channel and multi-platform banking products. The focus encompasses manual and automated testing using both waterfall and agile methodologies.
Through creating an in-house testing department and connecting business with IT, Ryan offers practical advice of success and stumbles from deep inside the testing jungle.

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