What Testers can learn from Elephants

Iris Pinkster-O'Riordain & Greet Burkels

Professional Testing

Do you know David Attenborough? He is an English broadcaster and natural historian. He studies, describes and researches wild life to create awareness and secure the preservation of nature. In this track session we follow his footsteps. We step into the wild and study the elephant and the influence it might have on testing. The elephant is known for collaboration, team building & taking care of each other. Skills that are also important for a tester. We will investigate on how we can make our testing more successful by investing in those elements. Subjects that will be touched upon are:…....

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About Me!

Iris Pinkster-O’Riordain – Test Advisor, Professional Testing, Netherlands

Iris Pinkster-O’Riordain has worked in testing and test management since 1996. She is currently a test advisor at Professional Testing. She is a co-developer of Logica’s method for structured testing: TestFrame ®, their test management approach and TestGrip, the method on test policy and test organization. Iris has also co-authored several books on these topics.

She often speaks at (inter) national conferences.

    • In 2007 she won the EuroSTAR award for “Best Tutorial”
    • In 2017 she was Program Chair for the EuroSTAR Conference in Copenhagen


Greet Burkels – Professional Testing Netherlands

Greet Burkels is an experienced Test Program Manager at Professional Interim & Program Management who has led large programs within various (international) corporations. Programs related to mergers, system integration, organizational changes and even implementation of a new metro line. She has obtained the Practioner certificate for Managing Successful Programs to complete the experiences gained over the last twenty-some years.

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