Trying to Teach Testing Skills and Judgement

Rikard Edgren

Nordic MedTest

Since 2011, Rikard has spent 1500 hours of actively teaching software testing to higher vocational students in Sweden. It is educations spanning 1 to 2 years aimed at providing professionals that the industry needs. Rikard and his colleague Henrik Emilsson set out to enable the students to master the activity of testing. They tried to create courses that let the students capture both explicit knowledge like testing techniques, but also tacit skills and judgments like these: Asking the right questions Critical thinking Understanding what is important Rapid learning Seeing many perspective and test ideas Selecting effective test strategies Capturing serendipity Realizing when testing…....

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About Me!

Rikard Edgren, a humanistic and technical tester with an educational background in Philosophy and Music. Has 16 years of experience of software testing from a wide range of contexts. Has been involved in 5 different higher vocational studies programs for software testers, and have also held classes at companies.

He is a regular at (inter)national conferences, with six appearances at EuroSTAR. Member of the think-tank The Test Eye, co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, author of Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi (in Swedish) and co-organizer of SWET, Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing. Currently working as test consultant at LearningWell, Sweden.

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