Open Access Testbed Facilities Available to Software Companies in Europe

Donal Morris


Software Managers requiring access to infrastructure to test out and validate their new products in the cloud, mobile, wireless, and wired network space will be interested to hear about the various testbeds and their unique capabilities. Come and hear about the opportunities: Testing new software at scale Open Access (= Free access) – up to hundreds of servers to conduct scaling experiments Some funding available to support tests Example software test process: write script to deploy 50 servers write script to simulate events from 1 million users. deploy software under test measure key performance indicators over 24 hour period upgrade…....

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About Me!

Donal Morris is CEO of RedZinc, a company is the software defined network space. Donal has played a leadership role in telecommunications research and development for 20 years. Donal is a designer of RedZinc’s VELOX virtual path slice engine and is currently leading pilots in the medical and public safety sectors. Donal is technical leader of the LiveCity consortium with OTE in Athens and Telefonica Dublin. Donal is also experimentation leader of the CityFlow consortium. Donal was a board member of the IPsphere Forum and business dimensions working group vice chair in the IPsphere Forum. In 2004-8 Donal was chairman of the EuQoS Consortium with Telefonica I&D in Madrid. Prior to that Donal led the development of a DSL service platform with Sherkin Communications. For several years Donal managed research projects at Teltec in Dublin City University. Prior to working in telecommunications Donal worked in the mechatronics and medical systems sectors. Donal graduated in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University in 1986.

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