Defence Against the Dark Arts

 Laurent Bossavit

  In this Google Hangout Laurent Bossavit will share ideas from “Defence Against the Dark Arts”, the workshop he did with Michael Bolton at CAST 2014. This workshop focused on how to think critically about quantitative claims. Numbers, models, and measurements are often used to describe. Just as often, they are used to persuade. Sometimes, they are used to intimidate. Testers must be able to look at information, claims, and evidence critically, in order to avoid being fooled or bullied. They must apply critical thinking to their own observations, interpretations and reports, in order to avoid fooling themselves–or worse, their…....

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About Me!

Laurent is mainly known as an Agilist and was a recipient of the 2006 Gordon Pask award from that community. He still likes to code though no longer doing so full-time, dividing his attentions between assisting Agile teams on technical and organizational matters, and the Institut Agile project which collects empirical evidence on the benefits and limitations of Agile practices.

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