Jedi Mind Tricks for Testers

Alexandra Schladebeck & Huib Schoots

Bredex, De Agile Testers

“There were a lot of talks that weren’t directly about testing”. This is a real statement from a developer friend of Alex’s who came to Testbash Netherlands. And it’s true. We do talk a lot about things like communication, general problem solving and teamwork. Because the role of a tester in teams has been changing for a while and will continue to do so. We’re coaches, encouragers, quality enablers. And that’s an extra level of difficulty in any team – dealing with the sticky human factors alongside the domain knowledge, risk analysis and testing and quality work we do. It’s…....

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About Me!

I (Alex) am an outgoing and passionate team leader, consultant, software tester and product owner. Communicating with people is my main focus – something i am fortunate to do frequently in my role as Head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH. I spend my time coaching testers and developers, consulting customers and helping development teams to improve their quality. I love working in agile processes, talking about testing and quality, and encouraging communication magic to happen. I no longer describe myself as non-technical, but I still see my role as translating between different groups of people in IT. You’ll usually find me talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process, or about my life goal to make testing more appreciated! I am also a frequent speaker at conferences where i like to share my project experiences and learn from other practitioners. In 2018, I won the MIATPP award.

I (Huib) am a coach, consultant and trainer focused on people and quality. I have over 20 years of experience in IT and software testing. I am curious and passionate, agile and context-driven. In 2015 I became a Rapid Software Testing instructor. I believe that excellent skills, personal leadership and collaboration ultimately makes the difference, I therefore helps people and teams to do their best work, continuously learn and improve. In 2017 I won the MIATPP Award. I works for De Agile Testers, a provider of consultancy and training. I like to inspire people and make them think!

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