Finding & Developing Good Software Testers

Phil Royston


This webinar explores recruiting and finding good software testers. Doing testing well requires having enough people with the right skills and knowledge. Great testers have always needed to be T-shaped people with strong testing skills and an ability to cross over into other IT roles and to understand “the business”. I always stressed that testing needs not only good hard skills, but also soft skills because our work deals with finding and reporting human mistakes. But in the last few years, particularly with the now prevalent adoption of Agile and DevOps, the challenges facing software testers are growing with an…....

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About Me!

Having wandered reluctantly into IT about 30 years ago, my first contact with formal testing came unexpectedly in 2002 when I was told that I would be the Test Manager on the project I was working on. Maybe it was fate, but it seems I found my true calling. Or maybe my fate was to become the guy they called when there was a “problem in testing”. Whilst fire-fighting on troubled projects I began to tire and wonder if there wasn’t a better way. So five years ago I co-founded a testing start-up in Prague with a mission to change the testing world by making it work better.

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